Arson Case Review- Program Design, Implementation, and Strategies

Location: Lake Nona
Date: Fri, May 1
Time: 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Arson cases are an important emerging category of innocence cases, and they are not always easy to understand and litigate. The Arson Research Project has developed a systematic, blind forensic audit procedure to help bring some cost effective clarity to these notoriously complicated cases. This presentation will begin by providing an overview of the program and provide strategies for designing and implementing an arson case-review program, and will include a recent example of how the arson case review program can be put to use. The Arizona Justice Project is seeking funding to implement the program in the potential review of hundreds of questionable arson convictions and pleas to determine whether problematic investigative techniques and forensic methods were used. After this review, the presentation will look at some of the more complex arson cases litigated by the Michigan Innocence Clinic and speak to both factual/scientific red flags to look for and the litigation approaches that can maximize chances of success in this exciting, yet challenging category of innocence cases.

201- Intermediate