Exoneree-Based Legislative Strategies to Promote Compensation

Location: Lake Nona
Date: Sat, May 2
Time: 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

In this case-study session, exonerees Christopher Scott and Johnnie Lindsey will describe their grassroots efforts in advocating for compensation and other exoneree benefits at the Texas State Legislature. They will present their strategies including organizing exonerees, meeting with legislators and community stakeholders, working with the media, and educating the community. Dr. Jaimie Page will share how securing a community-based grant helped promote exonerees' legislative agenda, and how community and legislative partnerships worked to assist exonerees in their policy change efforts. Data from her recent study "Perceptions of Deservingness of Compensation" will be presented in order to highlight the factors associated with perceived deservingness/non-deservingness of compensation. Variables tested included exoneree race and prior conviction history as well as respondent Social Dominance Orientation and Right-Wing Authoritarianism. The data can be used to help inform legislative efforts.

201- Intermediate