Resources to Assist Exonerees: The Reentry Toolkit and Carrying Out Aftercare Efforts

Location: Lake Highland
Date: Sat, May 2
Time: 1:45 PM - 3:00 PM

This year, the Network’s Exoneree Support Committee assembled a Reentry Toolkit to help Network members provide post-exoneration assistance to clients. The Toolkit includes useful materials for anyone trying to help an exoneree transition from prison to life on the outside, as well as for exonerees themselves. The materials in this electronic packet, such as a check list, research articles, lists of resources, letter templates, and an assessment form, can be immediately accessed and implemented. This session, led by three panelists who have direct experience with exoneree reentry needs, will be an overview of the resources in the Toolkit, in the context of real world examples and experience from panelists and audience members. Discussion will cover exoneree reentry needs and strategies to help, while using various items in the toolkit to illustrate, explain and educate.

201- Intermediate