Shaken Baby Syndrome Workshop

This workshop will go into depth about the issues that arise in Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma cases. It will begin with a general overview of the science and issues in SBS/AHT cases, including analysis of the demographic and geographic patterns in SBS/AHT accusations. From there, the session will move on to discuss how journalists with The Medill Justice Project undertake their investigations and the types of information they obtain to examine SBS/AHT convictions. Next, an experienced child abuse prosecutor who has prosecuted many SBS/AHT cases will discuss what a prosecutor looks for in these cases and how prosecutors construct their cases. Finally, veteran attorneys with the Innocence Network will go into depth on how to litigate a challenge to an SBS/AHT conviction based on a newly discovered evidence theory. For this, the workshop will rely in particular on the issues that arose, the arguments presented, and the evidence, including specific medical research literature, relied upon to litigate the recent case of People v. Rene Bailey in Rochester, New York. In late 2014 the trial court granted Bailey a new trial based on new medical and scientific evidence. At the end of the session, Innocence Network members will be invited to stay to discuss specific questions and issues that participants might have about SBS/AHT cases they are litigating. Participants are encouraged to submit questions and case materials to the session organizers in advance to facilitate in-depth discussion of the cases and issues. All participants in this closed portion of the session will be required to sign confidentiality agreements by which they agree to become members of the defense teams on those cases, subject to all confidentiality and privilege requirements applicable to lead counsel.

301- Advanced