State-Based Policy Work (Network Members Only)

This extended conference session is best suited for Innocence Network members engaged in state-level policy work. The presentation will begin with a review of state-based policy successes of the last year.  Following that, the session will be divided into two major sections: (1) The Building Blocks of Successful State-Level Reform; and (2) Next Generation Campaigns: Emerging Policy Issues in the Innocence Movement. 

The bulk of the program will be contained in the first section, presented by the Innocence Project's Policy Department, and will focus upon the necessary components of a successful state-level campaign. In addition to sharing the resources the Policy Department can offer to its Network partners engaged in state-level policy work, each session of the first section will address how best to use the tool or method being presented to address opposition arguments and tactics.  
The second section will highlight recent state-level campaigns in emerging areas of wrongful conviction reform.  This section will be moderated by the Innocence Project's Policy Department, but will feature the work of Network projects in largely unchartered areas of innocence reform.  Areas to be explored will include discovery & state-level forensics reform.

101- Beginner