Working With Prosecutors: Why It Matters & Tips for Success

Location: Lake Mizell A
Date: Fri, May 1
Time: 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

Prosecutors have an enormous amount of power in our criminal justice system. In addition to the power to charge and often to determine sentences, it has become extraordinarily difficult to win innocence cases or secure innocence-related policy reforms without the support of prosecutors. This means that working with prosecutors is critically important when doing innocence work and that the ability to do so will enhance your chances of success in both the case and policy realms. Unfortunately, prosecutors and innocence advocates often have had contentious relationships, and some innocence advocates have become disillusioned by those difficulties. This session will explore ways in which innocence advocates have successfully worked with prosecutors on cases and policy reforms, offering concrete suggestions for how to work with and talk to prosecutors.

201- Intermediate