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Alan Newton

Alan Newtonwas made aware of the criminal justice system through the eyes of an innocent man convicted of rape, robbery, and assault in 1985. He was finally exonerated by DNA on July 6, 2006, after serving twenty-two years in New York State prisons. As an advocate for the wrongly convicted since his release, Mr. Newton works tirelessly to make the criminal justice system more fair and just.  Mr. Newton has testified before the New York City Council on evidence preservation and identification issues, spoken out on reforms in Albany, assisted in training students at the Innocence Project, and has spread the word about wrongful convictions at universities, colleges and civil groups throughout the country.  Presently working as a Research Associate for the Black Male Initiative (BMI) at the City University of New York (CUNY), Mr. Newton is also the co-founder of Advocates for Freedom, Transformation and Exoneree Rights, Inc. (AFTER), and plans on attending law school in the near future.