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Bill Ferguson

Bill Ferguson is the father of Ryan Ferguson who was wrongfully convicted in 2005 for a murder that he did not commit. Ryan was sentenced to 40 years and spent 10 years locked away in prison as an innocent man. During Ryan's incarceration, Bill worked tirelessly as an investigative advocate to prove his son's innocence and ultimately regain his freedom. As Bill can attest, it took an army, but without his persistence, investigative research, tenacity and drive to right a terrible wrong, Ryan might still be sitting in a maximum security prison awaiting justice. As a result of winding through the dark maze of our judicial system, it became evident that without the help of a strong advocate outside of the legal system, many innocent men and women have no hope. Bill is here to tell you that there is hope! But that hope requires action. Through relentless hours of hard work and collaboration with Ryan's legal team, he saw his son walk free on November 12, 2013.