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Patricia Selby

Patrica Selby serves as the DNA project attorney for the Michigan State Appellate Defender Office (SADO). She is responsible for investigating and acting on potential wrongful conviction cases associated with the 11,000 unit backlog of sexual assault kits found in Detroit in 2009. Following a clerkship with the Hon. Arthur J. Tarnow in the Eastern District of Michigan, Ms. Selby practiced in the areas of voting rights and inmate civil rights before joining SADO in 2013. She is also a licensed professional engineer in the state of Michigan, and before obtaining her law degree in 2006, worked for 20 years in the chemical industry as an engineer and technical manager. SADO, a provider of high-quality, holistic, and client-centered appellate counsel, is charged by statute with handling no less than 25% of statewide appellate assignments, and with providing legal resources to the criminal defense bar.